Welcome Learn4life Centre of Siem Reap!

We are proud to welcome the Learn4life of Siem Reap to our purpose-built school located centrally in the city. We’ve started since 2010 with over 450 students from English Starter through Intermediate level. We continue to rapidly develop the school, revising the curriculum being adjusted each term. Our center is currently expanding as well, with better class facilities including an indoor playground, a bigger class size, a better office, and a nice atmosphere. This new phase was opened during the 2019 school term.

MoU with the Ministry of Education in Cambodia, we offer a well-rounded and developmentally appropriate curriculum for students at each level. Our rigorous program is focused on student-centered inquiry learning. Working in the group and pair during the lessons are giving students more confidence and independence. This philosophy fosters independent and critical thinkers who will gain the skills and knowledge needed to prepare them for the future as lifelong learners and leaders. Learn4life’s manager believed that the school is not just for learning, but to build up critical thinking, and have fun. While students learn in English throughout the day, L4L also offers students office hours or discussions in terms of nay mater students might have. For an instant, in terms of study, family matter, and others.

L4L graduates will receive a result and certificate from the level they finished. Meeting the needs and challenging there are at least students from 5 villages across Siem Reap coming to study here. L4L is preparing the student for their EFL to have access to universities in Cambodia and outside Cambodia.

I invite you to spend some time going through our website to learn more about our school and how you can become a part of our international community http://www.learn4lifecambodia.org

Fees information and placement test forms can be found in the school office. If you have questions please contact us at [email protected].  We look forward to working together with you to Look-a-Like For Leader.

 Phallin Chhun
Director of School

Our Centre

Learn4Life currently has to provide English lessons for up to 450 students. Our main, center is situated in Siem Reap closest to town. We have three classrooms running from 7:30 AM to 9 PM Monday to Friday with 10 qualified teachers teaching on the premises with their TESOL/EFL teaching certificate. Photos of the center can be found in the photo gallery.

Our Classes

Class Times

Hourly lessons begin from 7:30AM through to 9:00PM Monday to Friday. The English classes start in the morning and finish late at night as these are the times the average worker has free for study. Many work long hours during the day so either need to study in the morning before work or in the evening after work. The day time classes often suit other workers on night shift or with flexible hours such as tuk tuk drivers etc. However the very early and late sessions are the most popular times.
There are 4 terms per year, each running for 10 weeks.

Class Sizes

The class sizes are kept to a maximum of 30 students. We believe these number of student allow the teachers to form a relationship with each of the students and so do the giving instruction. Most classes (except the most popular time of early evening usually have a maximum of 15-20 students).

Our Students

Who are the students

The students attending Learn4Life English centre are people of all ages from 15 years of age up, who are often working 6-7 days a week, 10-12 hour days. They have very little time, if any, for study to advance their employment opportunities and along with this dilemma, earn such small wages they often cannot afford many of the fees for extra training. So they find themselves trapped, working almost every waking hour, yet never earning enough money to make ends meet, let alone having any left over for further education, to break free from the poverty cycle. Many of these young adults carry the added burden of supporting their large extended families in the villages. We are also happy to work closely with others NGOs that sending their sponsoring students in our centre. Also if there is any sponsor students we are please to coorperate with.

Meet Our Teachers

Our teachers come from a variety of backgrounds and countries. Most are university graduates with a formal teaching qualification allowing them to teach English as a foreign language, like TEFL, TESOL, ESL, CELTA etc. Others bring with them years of experience in their chosen professions. All our teaching staff are giving up their valuable time to help Cambodian students improve their English skills. They are dedicated to the students and Learn4Life and work long hours to ensure they are prepared for their daily lessons and lesson planning. Our teachers are the bedrock of our organiasation, without them we simply could not function. Thank you for all your hard work and helping Cambodian students.


Ms. Ellen

English Teacher

Mr. Tonn Visey

English Teacher

Ms. Shelley McGlashan

English Teacher

Mr. Lawrence

English Teacher

Mr. Mab Chanthy

English Teacher
5 Savet

Mr. Savet

English-language teacher

Mr. Tun Sopheap

English Teacher

Mr. Duch Sideth

English Teacher

Mr. You Samnorb

English Teacher
12 Sovean

Mr. Ran Sovean (So)

English Teacher


13 Nev

Neville Turner

School Director
14 Phallin

Phallin Chhun

School Director


15 Shally

Shally Toun

School Manager

Supporting Department


Ms. Phalla Kong

Administration & Accountant

Ms. Sopheak Bun

Head Office Administration and Accountant

Mr. Visey

Administration & Substitute EFL instructor