Frequently Asked Questions

We have tried to compile a list of helpful responses to questions that our previous volunteers have asked. We hope your questions are answered here, if not contact us. You can also download the entire list here. Click on a question and the answer will reveal itself.

Payment & Insurance

Business Visa You will need to get a BUSINESS (EB) visa on arrival, not a tourist visa as you cannot extend the tourist visa. CLEARLY specify this at the airport/border. You will need a passport photo and US$35. While over here, you will need up to 6 passport photos for many different forms. Once in the country we will assist you in extending your business visa. For this you will need a passport photo and US$85 for a 3 month extension or US$160 for a 6 month extension. For 12 months the ever changing fee is approximately US$300. Both 6 and 12 month visas include the benefits of multiple unlimited entry into Cambodia. So holidays or weekends away become much cheaper and simpler. Extra passport photos are easy and cheap to get in Siem Reap.
Healthcare. There is an International hospital that is run by the Bangkok hospital. This is a very expensive hospital but they do accept travel medical insurance which all volunteers should have. There is also a western GP here in Siem Reap who gives discounts to Learn4Life volunteers. There are many well stocked and helpful pharmacies in town.


Vaccinations. For obvious reasons this query is beyond our expertise, we suggest consulting your doctor in your home country for advice in this department. The website Travelclinic is a good source of information regarding possible vaccinations to have.
Health Cover. Yes, we insist that all foreign teachers have comprehensive health insurance cover from their country of residence for the full length of their stay at Leanr4Life. You will need to submit a copy of your policy document for our records upon arrival.

Making Courses

Your teaching schedule Our volunteer teachers will be required to teach 4 classes each day from Monday to Friday. Each class runs for 1 hour with 15 minutes break between classes. Our classes start at 7.30am and finish at 9.00pm. Currently because of the way the classes have evolved all volunteers will be required to teach at least one (probably 2) classes at night.
We prefer teachers who have completed a TEFL/CELTA course or have experience in teaching English as a second language although other volunteers will be considered.
Teaching Grammar. Yes. While this is not our only focus, it is an important element in teaching English as a second language. Teaching grammar may sound daunting, however, it will only be small amounts at a time. You will also be teaching correct pronunciation, reading, writing and facilitating a great deal of speaking/listening practice.
Only Students approximately 15 years and above. The minimum age limit for students studying at Learn4Life is around 15 years of age, (a few are younger and mature) with no maximum age limit!
Accommodation is not provided on site. You will be provided with a stipend which will allow you to pay for reasonable accommodation off site. The choice of accommodation is yours - from a room to a luxurious apartment although you stipend will not cover the apartment. We have a list of suitable places (rooms etc.) where previous volunteers have stayed. You will need to arrive in Siem Reap a few days prior to the start of term so that you can sort out suitable accommodation. There are many hostels and guest houses near the school/suitable accommodation where you an stay while you look for accommodation. Not all hostels/guest houses have 24hr reception so if you are arriving in the early hours of the morning you will have to take this into consideration.

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